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10 AM, 11 June 2022 | Saint Elizabeth Grounds Washington, DC


It is our goal to revolutionize motorcycle rides for peace. Combined with our love of riding, we work to make streets safer for all. A motorcycle ride of peace is a popular movement that aims to bring peace to the streets through violence prevention, core values programs, anger management, and security awareness. By focusing our people's attention and energy on creating a positive peace, we aim to reduce the negativity that comes with violence in our communities.


We strive to make our streets safer by controlling violence and raising security awareness through our "motorcycle ride of peace." campaign. By educating people about the relevance of safe streets, we aim to create a peaceful atmosphere on the streets. "Motorcycle ride of peace for safe streets" seeks to make streets safer, more peaceful, and less associated with life-threatening risks.


Security is the act of protecting oneself from a known or perceived threat, and safety is the act of living free from such threats or fears. Safety is a human right and a public good that must be protected, and we seek to create a society where everyone feels safe. A commitment to addressing the underlying causes of violence and crime is necessary to achieve this goal. The crime rate and violence levels in certain communities in the United States are too high. The majority of this violence is typically committed by young males who kill each other. Even though there are several laws and regulations designed to control criminal activities in the streets. However, we hope to reduce these activities through peace rides by educating people. Because education prepares people by teaching true values. Education helps reduce crime rates as educated people can easily differentiate between right and wrong which promotes the safety of streets, more importantly God's love gives hope.

“May mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you.”